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Unique Virtual Walk DVDs filmed in Europe

Our Virtual Walk DVDs allow you to experience Egypt, Rome, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, London, and quaint English Villages without the bother of packing bags or long transatlantic flights. Just place one of our DVDs in your player and instantly you are "walking" beside the Pyramids, or along the famous Via Veneto in Rome, or beside the Grand Canal in Venice, or in a quiet park in London. This is a totally different type of travel video - there is no narrator telling you which museum to visit, just the natural sounds of the locale recorded in DolbyTM stereo. The television camera is constantly transporting the viewer forward, through historic piazzas, past ancient buildings, and into another world - a beautiful world just waiting to be experienced!

We have Virtual Walk DVDs filmed on the ancient and historic Appian Way outside of Rome... or in Pompeii.... or on the colorful Italian island of Burano.... or beside a narrowboat path in London's Little Venice... or through the English Countryside in Kent.... or in Amalfi's village of Ravello, summer retreat of the rich and famous. These Virtual Walk DVDs are the perfect way to sample Europe or Egypt before your first trip or, to re-live a previous one! But please note: These are NOT ordinary travel videos! You will experience these historic locales in a unique way, a way unlike any other available on a travel DVD.

Our European DVDs

Our DVDs Filmed in Italy:

  1. Amalfi Virtual Walk DVD
  2. Appian Way Virtual Walk DVD
  3. Burano Virtual Walk DVD
  4. Ravello Virtual Walk DVD
  5. Rome Virtual Walk DVD
  6. Venice Virtual Walk DVD

Our DVDs Filmed in the United Kingdom:

  1. Cotswold Village Walk DVD - Part 1
  2. Cotswold Village Walk DVD - Part 2
  3. English Countryside Virtual Walk DVD
  4. London Waterways Virtual Walk DVD

We get hundreds of enthusiastic comments like this:

“ Hi! My husband and I just absolutely enjoyed your walking tour of Rome! It was almost as great as being there!! We've already purchased the rest of the Italy dvd's and would love to know if and when you plan to release any more...either of Italy or France. I would buy them right away!!! Thank you so much...keep traveling and making these wonderful dvd's. Arlene ”